A little bit about us....

Why focus on children photography?

With children of our own, we can relate to the excitement of wanting to capture all the little milestones and memories...before the lil ones are all grown!  We can't help but to be naturally drawn to the innocent smile of a child and the appreciation we receive from parents for our images just makes our hearts melt!  

What age do you photograph?

Our home studio is best suited for sitters up to age 12. However, that's not to say we cannot accommodate siblings in some of our sessions! Depending on the particular setup, we can accommodate  1-4 lil ones, although 1-2 is ideal. 

Can you tell us more about your home studio?

We can most definitely relate to the stress and anxiety that some photo sessions can cause to both parents and children and we believe that our studio will help alleviate some of that.  With a little bit of everything to entertain the little ones AND the parents, we strive to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Why just studio sessions?

We feel that we thrive in studio portrait photography!  We may open back up for on location sessions....stay tuned and follow us on social media to be the first to know!

When should we book?

The sooner the better! If you have a particular design in mind, let's put it on the calendar and start planning for the perfect session!  We do kindly request that for themed studio sessions (your vision), please book at least 4 weeks in advance.  For mini sessions, 2 weeks in advance will allow us ample time to prepare.

Who are you?

Ha! I guess we should introduce ourselves, right?! Garay Photos is truly a family, all hands on deck, studio.  Mr. Gio (as kids love calling him) is the photographer and hails from gorgeous island of Puerto Rico.  He grew up in New Jersey, is an avid Steeler's fan, and loves to ride his Polaris Slingshot. Deana is the set designer and the person you will have constant communication with throughout this process.  She comes from a military family and is a proud Air Force Veteran. She's the reason Garay Photos has settled in Northern Virginia. Xiomara and Ayden are the lil ones that will most likely assist to keep other kiddos smiling and entertained and they love helping!  Both being under the age of 10...they get it!